Company Info

SCSI is a start up venture formed in February 1997 to take advantage of the rapidly growing computer connectivity industry. With its direct relationship to the growth of the LAN (Local Area Network), WAN (Wide Area Network), data storage, and peripherals markets, computer interface connectivity is a burgeoning opportunity. As the peripheral market grows, the need for cabling and connectivity products also will flourish.

The company’s founders, with a combined 15 years in the industry, bring with them an understanding of practical applications and knowledge of the computer networking industry, VAR channel and OEM business development. SCSI embodies the belief that customer service, quality products and competitive pricing are key ingredients to a successful business enterprise.

The complementary relationship between the founders and staff affords quick problem resolution, and with it, the ability to provide high quality products and helpful customer service. Combined, these ingredients position SCSI favorably, both locally and nationally, as a primary source provider of SCSI Products and solutions.


SCSI’s purpose is to be the customer’s preferred computer cabling and connectivity solution provider. We achieve this by providing quality products at fair prices, continually listening to and understanding the needs of the customer, and developing all of our relationships with customers, vendors and employees based on honesty, integrity and openness to communicate.


SCSI is the Pacific Northwest’s most reliable SCSI Products distributor by offering the customer superior product at fair prices with prompt delivery and helpful service.